Canoe Cove 47 - "Cantu"

Mike's 47-foot Canoe Cove, Cantu, was fairly new, but with appliances such as a fridge, freezer and icemaker, he found he had to start the generator in the morning and again in the evening to keep everything running. So he contacted PYS to see if the battery charging speed and capacity could be improved. He discussed this with PYS over several months. "Jeff tried to teach me the basics of electricity, which for me are like oil and water!" Mike quips. Over time, Mike became convinced that the boat's existing eight lead acid golf cart batteries should be replaced with six L-16s and an additional charger added.

"I have no problem recommending PYS to other boaters," says Mike. "They do good work."

This turns out to have been a good decision; Mike figures the new batteries hold double the capacity and charge at twice the rate as the originals did. Now the boat can sit at anchor for a couple of days without needing the generator. "It's great for us and great for everybody around us," Mike says.