Camano 41 - "Dame's Fortune"

The electrical system on Earl's 41-foot Camano, Dame’s Fortune, needed a great deal of upgrading for extensive on-hook anchoring, and he commissioned PYS to do the work. PYS designed an electrical system with 1560 Ahrs of , high-output charging allowing up 350 amps from the chargers, and another 300 amps from the external regulated alternator. All the batteries within the boat were changed to AGM for ease of service and additional capacity. With the job requiring some 100 hours of staff time, the unexpected was certain to crop up, and Earl was pleased that PYS let him know what was happening every step of the way. "Some guys go in and just start ripping things apart," Earl quips, "but PYS kept me informed as things changed."

"PYS are setting a whole new gold standard for service in the marine industry," states Earl.

Now Earl finds that boating is a whole new experience for him. Before the upgrade, he had to run the generator four or five hours a day when out on the water. "With a diesel engine blowing smoke in your face all day, it's not exactly a pleasant experience," he says. "Now we can go out for a whole weekend without having to use the generator once."

Earl contacted us eight years after he wrote this testimonial to say that "everything still works well - never had a single problem."

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