Beneteau 42 First - "Ocean Grace"

Lyall had owned Ocean Grace for about eight years when he asked Pacific Yacht Systems to take a look at it. A number of inadequacies in the factory-built power system turned up, which PYS corrected by simplifying the DC system and improving its safety, and by creating a more efficient method of charging the house and engine batteries.

Two years later, Lyall decided to sell his boat. A potential buyer hired a surveyor to inspect it; on the strength of the surveyor’s report, which confirmed the excellent quality of the PYS workmanship and materials that had gone into the boat’s DC system, that individual bought Ocean Grace.

 The surveyor stated, says Lyall, that the DC electrical system in this Beneteau 42 First [as designed and installed by PYS] was the best he had ever seen.

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