Beneteau 33 - "Alegria"

After one season of boating on Alegria, a Beneteau 331, David found that its batteries weren't powerful enough to maintain a charge for much more than one night. He added two additional batteries himself, but they still weren't strong enough for his kind of sailing, as he likes to spend several days at anchor out on the water. So after meeting with PYS at a boat show, David arranged for an electrical audit; he liked the way PYS looked at the boat's entire system, and arranged for them to not only upgrade the batteries but to install a high-output alternator, an external regulator, and a battery monitor.

"Now, with our new electrical system, we can anchor out for one or two nights without plugging in," says David. "It keeps our beer and wine cold!"

While out sailing with the new system, one of the house batteries failed. David immediately got in touch with PYS, who gave him some advice over the phone. As soon as he returned, PYS was there to replace the battery and recheck the boat's system. Then PYS went to battle with the battery supplier on David's behalf and obtained a credit for another pair of batteries. The following season, a battery failed again. "That's almost unheard of," David says. "That's not supposed to happen." Again, PYS were quickly on the job with another install. David is very pleased with that kind of service.

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