Azimut 75 - "Koochuloo"

Bryan is the captain of Koochuloo, a 75-foot Azimut. When the amplifier on the boat’s stereo system shorted and burned out, he called Pacific Yacht Systems, who discovered that the wires supplying power to the amp were chafed. In addition, a set of outside audio speakers had failed, sending a power surge to the amp. PYS not only replaced the speakers and the faulty wiring, but put in some protective measures to ensure it didn’t short out again.

"When I called PYS," Bryan states,  "they responded promptly and kept good communication with me, either by email or phone. They provided constant updates as to where the parts were and what they would cost."

Later, Bryan discovered that the Koochuloo’s satellite TV system (KVH M7) wasn’t working properly. The boat was in Victoria, and the owner and a guest were due to arrive in a couple of days. PYS flew to Victoria on a Sunday and discovered the problem: power surges related to the AC system’s wiring. So they went back to Vancouver, obtained the necessary parts and returned on Monday. They installed additional protective measures throughout the entertainment system, and now it all works properly.