Sovereign 90 Motor Yacht - Intergrate Navigation Bridge Design and Installation

The owner wanted to cruise from the Sea of Cortes to Alaska with an updated navigation system that was integrated and easy to understand, not only for himself but for multiple operators. The boat had two helms, an upper and a lower.  The majority of the equipment was quality gear but it was dated and did not integrate all of the systems.   At the end of the day, the boat owner wanted a navigation system that was as intuitive as using an iPad.

After the consultation, the owner chose a Garmin solution because of its ease of use, reliability, and integration possibilities. He also decided to go with four cameras, one in the engine room to view both engines, one on the aft deck looking down for easy docking, a fisheye on the navigation tower looking aft for visibility and one forward of the radar tower to see oncoming traffic. This installation also included a Mastervolt C-Zone digital switching system which allowed the owner the ability to control circuits such as lighting, power monitoring, tank monitoring, bilges, and hatch or porthole status, either through the helm or programmed into a remote key fob, or an app on a smartphone or tablet.

The owner has been cruising now for over a year with the new system and believes that by selecting equipment that could be integrated, he did not have a steep learning curve and all of the information he needed was at his fingertips.  As well, the cameras gave him a better sense of safety when he was operating the boat by himself.