Nordhavn 75 - A Complete Re-Wire of a Sunken Gem

The owners are tech-savvy and not afraid of complicated systems.  They are confident, go offshore regularly and wanted a comfortable boat to cruise the world.  An opportunity presented itself and they found themselves purchasing a Norhavn EFY 75 that, due to a faulty pipe joint, had sunk at the dock.  A lot of items needed to be replaced however, the major component was the wiring. No one knew at first how badly the water had damaged the cabling. So by cutting the ends of each cable one by one and testing, we found the water had travelled further than we first thought. In one case, it had travelled 8 meters (25 feet) up a cable when only 3 meters (10 feet) of it was underwater.

PYS performed a detailed assessment of the damage and put together a plan to completely rewire and upgrade the electrical system.  The boat came with an old wiring diagram, which was a great place to start.  We worked with the owners to determine what gear made sense to keep and what should be replaced.  At the end of the project, they had their dream boat along with a complete schematic package that allowed them to troubleshoot the electrical system anywhere in the world.