Grand Banks Europa 46 - Navigation System Overhaul

The owner is a year-round boater who tries to get out every weekend in the summer and, usually, takes two to four weeks of vacation on the boat. He is the main operator and, occasionally, boats by himself.

PYS was invited on board his 14 meter (46 foot) trawler and entrusted with designing a complete, integrated navigation system. He also wanted to be able to boat at night, stay in technical anchorages and “see” below the waterline.  Our first task was to scope out the space and determine how much room was available at the helms for mounting the various displays, the spatial arrangement of the arch or hardtop, power distribution at both helms, and associated raceways for all the potential cabling. The boater had an idea of the components he wanted to see on the boat so our next step was to sit down with him and determine the options he would prefer. 

Designing a complete navigation system can be over-whelming. With all of the technology available to recreational boaters, the most important thing to remember is to do your homework and get advice from knowledgeable specialists. The owner chose display screens that are larger, clearer and provided more interoperability with the autopilot and AIS, along with depth sounders that include forward-looking and side-view transducers, and a combination of radar and night vision cameras that provide an extra layer of comfort when he is boating alone.