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Every month, Pacific Yacht Systems writes a Tech Talk column for Pacific Yachting magazine. These articles cover a variety of topics including DIY projects, boat maintenance, electronics and electrical systems. Pacific Yachting magazine is distributed by retailers in six of the ten provinces/territories in Canada and has thousands of readers across the country! You can read the articles online or view/download the PDF version.

EFOY Installation

One of the products that received a lot of attention at this year’s Vancouver Boat Show, was the EFOY COMFORT methanol fuel cell. We first wrote about this alternative charging source in our December 2014 Tech Talk, it was a new technology that boaters were considering but not committing to in large numbers. This year was a different story. Like solar, the ability to have a charging source that is quiet, vibration-free and emissions-free is really catching on in the marine community. This month we are going to talk a bit about the technology and then review a recent EFOY installation.

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Understand Your Battery Monitor While Charging

Published in Pacific Yachting - October 2017

If you don’t have a battery monitor on your boat, we highly recommend having one installed. It’s similar to a fuel gauge and speedometer for your house batteries and it really takes the guesswork out of managing your energy consumption. We have written a number of articles on how battery monitors work but we recently received a request from…

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What Are The Best Boat Projects to Tackle in the Fall and Winter?

Published in Pacific Yachting - September 2017

Boat brokers often suggest that the best time of year to buy a boat is during the off-season and the best time to sell a boat is at the beginning of the season. In the Pacific Northwest, the off-season typically runs from mid-September through December and kicks off in January with the Vancouver Boat Show (January 17 – 21, 2018) and the Seattle…

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Carbon Foam Batteries – Real World Installations

Published in Pacific Yachting - August 2017

Last July, we wrote about a new carbon foam AGM lead acid battery technology that was taking the marine industry by storm. The Firefly Oasis carbon foam AGM battery was developed by Caterpillar to replace the lead acid batteries that they were using in their work vehicles. They found that the old battery technology could not, consistently,…

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