Victron Smart Solar MPPT 75/15


This is a brilliant solution if you are curious about the state of the solar panel on your boat.  In the past, you would have to install a VE Direct to USB Interface or a VE Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle to use the free VictronConnect software or app.  These new controllers, called SmartSolar, have Bluetooth built-in.  They are similar to the Victron BlueSolar models, which are currently on the market, with the added bonus of Bluetooth for only a few dollars more.

Victron doesn’t offer a solution that monitors the aggregate production of all solar controllers in a system – but they do allow you to talk to each solar controller individually in pretty good detail.  For example, Starboard Array and Port Array.

Using the free VictronConnect App, you can view battery voltage, solar history, load output, flexible battery charge algorithms plus day/night timing and light dimming options. 



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Compatible with the free VictronConnect software or app
You can see the energy going into your batteries from any smart phone
One controller per panel

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