Siren Sprite

The Siren Marine Sprite has all the same functionality of the Pixie but adds on a 9? external temperature probe, a shore power sensor and two 12v pigtails for 12v accessory monitoring. The built-in GPS can be queried to see you boats exact position and can also be set to monitor a Geo-Fence. Using the world wide GSM network, our units communicate and are controlled exclusively through text messages sent and received from any cell phone. With the kill function, you can simply shut down your boat with your phone if you receive an alert that it has been stolen. All antennae are enclosed in the housing and the unit can be mounted below decks or in lockers out of the way and out of view. All of our units work on 10 – 30vdc to accommodate most marine and industrial applications.

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Rugged build allows for mounting directly onto the block of your outboard motor
Kill function allows owner to remotely shut down boat if stolen
No third party monitoring service or fees
Allows owner to monitor all safety related functions/devices remotely
Very reliant on cell phone networks that can lead to issues if network goes down

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