Raymarine SmartController Wireless Remote

Models: E15023

Raymarine’s SmartController is more than a wireless autopilot controller, much more.  It is a mini instrument display in your hand. Not only can you control your autopilot from anywhere on your vessel, you can monitor depth, speed, heading and many other types of existing instrument data.


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Rechargeable batteries
8 user definable data pages
Graphical CDI course display
Full autopilot control
Reported problems with self-discharge when off
Display is small for instrument data
Rated range of 32 ft
Instrument data must be accessible through SeaTalk

Comments (2)

  1. Larry Terrace:
    Jan 21, 2013 at 02:40 PM

    I currently have a Raytheon "ST600R" wired remote for my Raytheon/Raymarine RL70 Radar, GPS, Plotter/Charting with Autohelm. The controller is shorting out and I have considered undoing the wiring and refastening, but thought this could be problematic. I would like to replace the remote control unit but cannot seem to find a replacement. Is it possible to hook up this type of wireless remote (model E15023) to work with my system and if so do you have one available.
    Thanks for your help on this.
    Larry Terrace

  2. Jeff:
    Feb 12, 2013 at 01:24 PM

    Hi Larry,

    Not sure, if we answered your question or not.

    Your right the E15023 can be integrated to your existing Raytheon/Raymarine system since it uses the SeaTalk protocol as well. On my own boat, I too have the Raymarine SmartController and quite enjoy it. I'd recommend purchasing the remote from Roton. They should have those remotes in stock.

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