Maretron SMS100

The Maretron SMS100 enables you to be notified of alerts from your boat anywhere that you have cell phone coverage. Notifications can range from low battery, high bilge water, opened hatch and more. With the correct sensors installed you can also retrieve your vessels status information by texting the system. The SMS100 works with Maretron’s DSM150/DSM250 or N2KView software by detecting alerts from sensors interconnected on an NMEA 2000 network. In the future Maretron plans to incorporate custom control commands like DCR100 digital switching via your mobile.

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• Programmable alerts (alarms or warnings)
Six band GSM modem
Easily interchangeable mini-SIM card
Waterproof enclosure
Custom control commands may be released in future
Only works with Maretron devices

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  1. SCA:
    Jul 04, 2013 at 02:28 PM

    The SMS100, when connected to a Maretron DSM150 or 250, has the ability to message up to 42 custom alarm points to a smart phone.With N2K View almost limitless. As well the end user can "ping" the SMS100 remotely for a status report.If you have other NMEA2000 certified devices that are non- Maretron such as Wind,Weather,GPS, Battery monitoring etc and Maretron can see them you can use this devices.
    Maretron can already do remote switching using the DCR100, N2K View software and a Smartphone or Tablet.

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