Maretron DCM100 DC Monitor

Maretron’s DCM100 DC Monitor is a device used to measure any direct current (DC) loads or power sources. When monitoring batteries, this advanced electronic monitoring system uses software algorithms and sophisticated circuitry to monitor time remaining, state of health, temperature, and load current. The DCM100 features a Hall Effect current sensor which effectively enables users to just slip it over the wire without installing any connectors or break connections. Loads that can be monitored include windlasses, DC refrigerators, inverters, windlasses, or any DC branch circuit. It can also be used to monitor power sources like solar panels, batteries, alternators, and wind generators.

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Includes battery harness with fuse, and temperature sensor
Waterproof connectors
Sealed waterproof enclosure
Powered through the battery harness
Info can be displayed on any NMEA 2000 display
Amp-hour counting methodology never shows full battery

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