LunaSea Ultra Bright Portable Light Bar with USB Charger

One of our clients recently took this light bar for a trial on her boat and she loved it.  The back stateroom on the boat has always been dark as it only has two small overhead lights.  This lightbar lights up the whole room and then some.  It comes with a metal pad that is screwed into the wall and the lightbar has strong magnets on the bottom that hold it in place.  She took on some high seas and the light bar did not budge.  It is really lightweight and is great for the engine room, a dark boat house, bbq’ing, or even walking the dog at night.

This rechargeable, hand held light is Ultra Bright at 600 lumen, yet compact at 8.5 inches and only 10 ounces.  It utilizes a 4000mAH Lithium Ion rechargeable battery and includes a USB 12VDC charger and cable. It can be mounted using multiple methods or simply set down where you require light. As an added bonus, the charged light can be used to power other USB devices such as cell phones.

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1 Year Warranty
Takes 3-4 hours for full charge, red light indicates charging, green light indicates fully charged
Built-in on-off switch
Magnetic or easy snap bracket
Has a built in 4AH Li-Ion battery that lasts 5 hours
Must purchase a separate mini-USB-to-device charger cable to charge your cell phone

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