KVH Tracvision HD7

The KVH 24" TracVision HD7 antenna is a breakthrough in maritime satellite TV design, bringing high-definition programming from DIRECTV to your vessel the same way you enjoy it at home. The HD7 simultaneously tracks DIRECTV’s Ka-band and Ku-band satellites, receiving broadcasts from three DIRECTV satellites at once; this results in outstanding reception offshore. This technology makes it possible for everyone to watch what they want, whenever they want, and on whatever TV they want, with full DVR support. Plus, setup and maintenance are a snap with KVH’s new IP-enabled antenna control unit and TracVision iPhone app. Add the TracVision HD7’s optional Tri-Americas LNB and you can travel through the Americas without missing a beat.

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Can be controlled through iPhone app
Useable on multiple TVs
Programming viewable anywhere in Americas
Less expensive than other comparable TV satellite systems
To allow viewing abroad, LNB must be purchased
Must be installed at least four feet from radar

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