Interphase Ultrascan PC180 Forward Looking Sonar

The Interphase Ultrascan PC180 expands on the original Ultrascan concept by using two synchronized transducers, mounted on opposite sides of the vessel, to give full 180º horizontal forward visibility. The Ultrascan PC180 uses advanced digital signal techniques to create high resolution and forward looking underwater images at the speed of sound. The signals from the two transducers are fused into a single image and sent via an Ethernet connection to a laptop, fixed PC, or PC Network. Similar to the Ultrascan PC90, the PC180 creates astounding, movie-like, full and split-screen downward view, streaming video and images that show movement of fish and schools of bait. It also provides near-instant feedback when navigating narrow channels, and going around rocks, reef, and other underwater obstacles.

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Maximum forward range of 1200 ft. and max bottom depth of 600 ft
Connects to PC via Ethernet and includes software
Can work with existing Interphase scanning transducers
US, metric, and nautical display modes
Surface obstacles, such as debris, are not detected

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