Intellian s6HD Ku-Ka Dual band HD System

The Intellian s6HD is a digital marine satellite TVRO antenna system specially designed for DIRECTV services for all types of vessels. It automatically identifies, tracks, and captures satellite signals from compatible satellites. The s6HD, with its unique triple feedhorn, is designed to receive Ku-band and Ka-band signals from all three DIRECTV satellites simultaneously, meaning you won\'t experience any delay when switching channels. This also enables the channel guide data to remain constantly up-to-date. This provides access to all DIRECTV, DISH Network, and Bell TV programming, with Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD). The standard s6HD system supports up to 16 receivers and is expandable to 32.

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Access to DIRECTV, DISH Network, and Bell TV
Standard (SD) and High Definition (HD)
Supports up to 16 and is expandable to 32 receivers
Intellian allows solid signal tracking regardless of conditions
Monthly service charges will also apply

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