GiocoSolutions GSP Flexible Polycrystalline Solar Panels

GiocoSolutions’ solar panels are a robust and flexible solution for any marine application. They are made of techno-polymers to enable a lightweight panel that is only 1.5 mm thin and 1/8th the weight of traditional glass panels. Using GWire technology, “hot spots” and “micro-cracks” are prevented by increasing the number of wires within the cells. GicoSolutions’ polycrystalline GSP product line has a efficiency of > 17%. These high resistance panels can be walked on and are IEC 61701:2011 certified against salty mist for marine use. The GSP panels are also suitable for RV's, cottages and golf carts.

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Made in Italy
Easy integration using adhesive, eyelets, tenax and zip
Flexible application to adapt to all surfaces and curves
1 meter maximum bend radius
Not recommended for installing in a trafficked area

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