Furuno DRS2D Radar

Looking for crystal clear, noise-free, target presentation with automatic, real-time digital signal processing? Furuno has taken its award winning technology to the next level, and the DRS2D UHD Radar one of their newest innovations. Simultaneous scanning technology provides unsurpassed target detection with each sweep of the antenna. Also, antenna rotation speed (24/36/48 rpm) is automatically shifted to the appropriate pulse length all under the sleek radome. The DRS2D is also very versatile, offering the ability to input GPS, wind sensor, and satellite compass information through its network port without miles of extra wiring, cutting costs and clutter.

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Automatically adjusts pulse lengths to 24/36/48 rpm
Offers 24 NM of scanning from just 5.2 degrees of beam width
Integrates with other navigation tools through network port
Connects through network port, using less wiring
Cannot be installed near exhaust where temperatures could exceed 55 degrees Celsius
Shortest scanner compared to all competitors
Cruder resolution than competitors
Size refers to dome size not antenna width (competitors add dome width to size of antenna)

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