Fell Marine Wireless Kill Switch

The old corded kill switch gets an upgrade!  One of the biggest complaints about wearing a corded kill switch is that you have limited mobility on the boat and it often gets caught on buckets or fishing gear.  Fell Marine has announced a new way to go wireless, the MOB+. 

As long as you stay within the wireless range, you are free to drive your boat and move about.  If you were to fall overboard and are still within the wireless range of the MOB+, the engine will stop because the FOB has been submersed in water and the wireless signal is broken. It will also alert the operator if a passenger or dog wearing a FOB falls overboard.

 With the MOB+ Basepack you get a MOB+ xHUB with connection cables and antenna to mount in your boat, an xFOB, butt splices for cable connections and User Manual. Choose to combine the MOB+ Basepack with either or both of the xBAND and xTAG. You can also add additional xFOB to your system if you have several users of your boat.

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In addition to the operator’s FOB, there can be 3 extras added to the system to monitor
300 hour battery life
Light and sound alarm
Automatic timer function ensures the unit does not remain turned on should it be forgotten on the boat

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