B&G Zeus Display

Models: Z8, Z12

The feature-packed B&G Zeus Z8 and Z12 models are the first and only multifunction display system models designed specifically for sailors, featuring bright viewing and total control of key performance and navigation electronics with charts, instruments, weather, navigation and radar.  Zeus provides GRIB weather-file display, WindPlot histogram for analyzing breezes, and TimePlot, to provide a time-based log display including depth and boat speed for trend tracking. Zeus’ tactical chart indicates best and worst layline positions, allowing sailors to make better navigation decisions consistent with weather.   In addition, Zeus offers full integration with GPS, award-winning Broadband Radar, Automatic Identification System (AIS), weather, and entertainment along with seamless compatibility with B&G’s H3000 instruments.

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Great for sailors
Many options for accurate data plotting
Display still viewable in sunlight
Indicates best and worst layline positions

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