Ask PYS: Power

Allen – Echo Charge, on Mar 05, 2014 asked:

Further to our conversation at the Boat Show and the Electrical Audit December 2013 I set up to installed an Echo Charge a few months ago. Referring to the Volvo Penta website, apparently the D2-55 alternator does not read voltage at the engine, but at the battery, eliminating the voltage drop problem and the need for special devices to compensate for drops in the isolator and cable runs.

This is interesting. I am glad to read that some manufacturers are taking alternator efficiency seriously.

What were your thoughts on using an Echo Charge? I thought the purpose of an Echo Charge was to share a charging voltage to another battery bank. For instance, I use an Echo Charge on my boat, allowing the engine battery to get a charge when the house is charging. Both my alternator and charger are wired directly to my house battery. The echo charge is the only way the engine battery can get a charge.