Ask PYS: Power

Paul – Electrical Survey, on Jan 23, 2014 asked:

Hi there, I was at the boat show last year and saw advertising for the electrical audit. I am buying a sailboat and would like an electrical survey. Will the electrical audit function as a survey to identify the deficiencies and recommended repairs? Also, are these services offered in Nanaimo?

First off, thank you for contacting PYS about a potential purchase of a boat. At PYS we offer different levels of inspections:

Electrical Audit: provide an overall view of the main DC system of your boat with a cursory view of the AC distribution.
Duration 1.5 hrs, cost: $139

Electrical Survey: provide a detailed review of the DC and AC system on board, more testing of systems and confirming functionality
Duration 4 – 5 hrs, cost: $400 to $600

Most of our repeat clients end up choosing the electrical survey when purchasing a vessel. This is the time when the purchaser has the strongest leverage in negotiating and knowing upfront the electrical system of their potential future boat.

We offer our services to wherever the vessel is located as long as the potential client is willing to pay for the associated travel costs and time.