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Derrick, on Jul 10, 2013 asked:

I purchased a Raymarine C90W MFD, L755/760 in hull transducer, DSM30 digital sounder and a ST40 depth display. It was my intention to use the ST40 as a repeater in the starboard side master state room for an anchor/low/deep water alarm. However it now appears this may not work as planned. Do you know if it can be set up this way or what can be done to make it happen? The current sounder is a B&G network I would consider tying the ST40 into that as an option as well.

According to this thread, it looks like you can interface the ST40 to read SeaTalk data but the ST40 alarm will only function with a connected transducer. If alarming is important to you, perhaps you should consider getting a ST60+ graphic display (or newer model) to achieve your goal.

The B&G sounder will not integrate to an ST40 depth instrument.