Ask PYS: Power

Missy, on Aug 07, 2012 asked:

I have a 34 ft. Bayliner with a 6.5 kilowatt generator. We are anchored and our friends are side-tied in a 36 ft. Rinker with a 5.0 kilowatt generator. In the morning we both run our generators to charge our batteries and make hot water, would it make more sense to run one generator and have the other boat simply plug in?

5KW or 6.5KW Genset can most likely run two large chargers (e.g. 100 amps) simultaneously. Typically that size of generator is made to run a cooking hot plate or small AC unit. Either unit can run both chargers. Only issue is how to interconnect one boat to the other. We have done this in the past professionally or it can be jerry-rigged with the right shore side adaptors (e.g. 15A to 30A).