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William, on Dec 08, 2010 asked:

The Raymarine A65D chartplotter and depth sounder comes with a transom-mount depth transducer. I'm interested in this unit but we have a 1999 Tartan 41 sailboat and we don't want to have a transom mount transducer. Any suggestions?

Hi William,

We have found a workaround for a few of our clients on this specific issue. If your boat hull is solid fiberglass, not cored, (in your case 1999 Tartan 41 hull is solid fiberglass) we can mount your transom-mount transducer as an in-hull transducer. We create a special mold and place the transducer inside, making sure the transducer is mounted parallel to the waterline. Using epoxy we carefully encase the transducer in the mold, making sure no air gaps are formed. As the depth sounder beam will travel through this solid piece of epoxy (with no voids), the readings are still quite accurate.

Your other option is to purchase a new transducer that works with the A65D and discard the transom-mount unit. When purchasing a new transducer you have the option to choose either a thru-hull or in-hull type transducer.