Ask PYS: Navigation

Sean, on Jul 14, 2010 asked:

I'm trying to decide which autopilot to buy for my 26' Seaswirl Striper. The Garmin GHP10 seems like the right unit for my boat considering my navigation system is Garmin. Any comments on the GHP10 unit? Also, what's the purpose of the Garmin shadow drive?

Hi Sean,

The Garmin GHP10 is a fine unit and we are happy with its performance. The Garmin shadow drive is one of its most distinctive selling points. It allows the user to disengage the autopilot simply by taking control of the helm. There is no need to press the “standby” button - the shadow drive knows you took control of the helm and will stop the autopilot from trying to correct itself as you steer. A very real benefit when you need to take control of the helm quickly.

Here at PYS we stand behind the Garmin GHP10. You will also be comforted by the fact that Garmin offers an extended two year parts and labour warranty. Other manufactures limit their warranty to parts only. This extended warranty only applies if the installaton was completed by a Garmin certified installer/dealer, of which PYS is proud to be.