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What product(s) do you recommend to ensure a great electrical contact and make those connections corrosion free? I am looking at battery connections, light bulb bases (like the ones you will find in trailer lights) and wire crimps. I have come across dielectric grease, Lanocote, Noalox, Penetrox, anti-corrosive zinc paste and something with silver particles suspended in a kind of grease.

Contact Cleaner and Corrosion Inhibitor – Syd

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The charger on my boat can charge 3 battery banks but I only have 2 battery banks. What happens with the extra set of cables? Can you double-up the charging cables to one of the banks? - Brent

- 3 Bank Battery Charger for 2 Battery Banks?

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Hi Jeff, I met you the other day while you were performing an Electrical Audit on a friend’s boat. You mentioned a product that allows you to direct excess power from one battery to another when charging. What is this called and how hard is it to install. – Rob

- Automatic Combiner Relay or Voltage Sense Relay

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I have lead acid batteries and a inverter/charger. The battery monitor is a Link 2000. When the monitor switches to the float mode, is it ok to leave the charger on indefinitely? – Doug

- Can I Leave My Battery Charger "On" In Float Mode?

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