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What product(s) do you recommend to ensure a great electrical contact and make those connections corrosion free? I am looking at battery connections, light bulb bases (like the ones you will find in trailer lights) and wire crimps. I have come across dielectric grease, Lanocote, Noalox, Penetrox, anti-corrosive zinc paste and something with silver particles suspended in a kind of grease.

Contact Cleaner and Corrosion Inhibitor – Syd

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I read your "12 Days of Christmas Gadget Roundup" in the December, 2015 Pacific Yachting Magazine. I bought one of the inverters you mentioned, anticipating that it would come with a cigarette lighter plug. As it turns out, there are only two wires, the black and red. No problem, I thought, I'll just wire in the cigarette lighter plug, although…

- Can I Use A 300W Inverter To Run A Small TV/DVD Player?

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I took my boat back to the marina today. Everything worked well, until my chartplotter shut down on its own after about 90 minutes. After messing around with breakers and buttons it restarted after pressing the “asterisks” button, we think that’s what did it. It fired up, got a signal and we carried on as normal. When we arrived at the marina…

- Chartplotter Flickering and Turning Off

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My house batteries on my 42 foot Nordic Tug are in need of replacement. I have 6 golf cart interstate batteries with 600 amp hours. I believe I have 3 choices: 1. Replace with the same flooded, lead acid batteries – around $1000 or less – least expensive but require maintenance and last up to 5 years 2. Replace with AGM 3.…

- Replacing My Old Batteries

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