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I am looking to equip a galvanic isolator – where can I buy a Newmar Failsafe Galvanic Isolator? Is it critical to have it installed close to the shoreline connection? Is six feet too far away?

Galvanic Isolator Install Location – Rick

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I recently purchased some LED fixtures that would like to wire them into an existing circuit, however they would be in series. Is this advisable with LED’s? -Tom

- Can I Run LED Lights in Series?

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Last year I installed a Gioco 130W solar panel with a Genasun GV-10 Pb controller to charge my older flooded lead acid batteries along with a Victron BMV-700 Series battery monitor. I have just purchased brand new AGM batteries and I am wondering what steps I have to take before replacing the old batteries? - Heidi

- Upgrading from Flooded to AGM Batteries – What Setting Do I Change Including My Solar Controller?

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We currently have a 440Ah lead/acid house battery bank and a lead/acid starting battery that I want to upgrade to a more maintenance free battery type. Can you provide an opinion regarding the advantages/disadvantages of lithium ion vs carbon foam batteries in the marine setting? Since I am looking long term and planning to keep the boat,…

- Lithium vs. Firefly Carbon Foam Batteries

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