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I am looking to equip a galvanic isolator – where can I buy a Newmar Failsafe Galvanic Isolator? Is it critical to have it installed close to the shoreline connection? Is six feet too far away?

Galvanic Isolator Install Location – Rick

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My solar panels have been on my boat a few years now. I do clean them with fresh water occasionally to remove bird and other droppings. They are starting to fade a bit, could you wax them? Or would you recommend some other treatment. - Jaap

- How To Care For My Solar Panels

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Changes to the electrical on the boat look great but I have a couple of questions. Is the battery monitor, monitoring the house batteries only? Should the battery monitor be set for 12v or 24v? Looking forward to getting out on the boat and testing everything out! - Dave

- Should My Battery Monitor Be Set For 12V or 24V?

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I’ve recently watched some of your You Tube electrical videos and realize I have some no-no’s at my battery terminals. Is it acceptable to have more than one cable ‘stacked’ on each other at the terminal? For example, a starter cable, bus cable and battery charger cable? If not, what is the proper protocol? How do you determine the size of…

- How Many Battery Connections are Acceptable?

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