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I am looking to equip a galvanic isolator – where can I buy a Newmar Failsafe Galvanic Isolator? Is it critical to have it installed close to the shoreline connection? Is six feet too far away?

Galvanic Isolator Install Location – Rick

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I’ve recently watched some of your You Tube electrical videos and realize I have some no-no’s at my battery terminals. Is it acceptable to have more than one cable ‘stacked’ on each other at the terminal? For example, a starter cable, bus cable and battery charger cable? If not, what is the proper protocol? How do you determine the size of…

- How Many Battery Connections are Acceptable?

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I watched your video on YouTube. I have just installed two 160W 12V solar panels, should I buy 2 PCM controllers or just one? Do you have a recommendation? House batteries are six 79AHr, AGM and I have an inverter with a smart charger. - Gary

- What is the best controller for my two 160W solar panels?

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Hi Jeff, during one of your videos, you commented on the critical need for a chassis grounding cable, one size smaller than the supply cable. Where should this ground cable terminate? The engine, thru-hulls or somewhere else? Thanks so much for taking the time to produce these videos; they’re a great source of information and safety and they…

- YouTube Video About The Common Ground On My Boat

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