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I am looking to equip a galvanic isolator – where can I buy a Newmar Failsafe Galvanic Isolator? Is it critical to have it installed close to the shoreline connection? Is six feet too far away?

Galvanic Isolator Install Location – Rick

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Can I add a solar panel to my existing solar array? I have a 100W solar panel and a GV-10 solar controller installed on my boat. Can I add another panel without running a second set of wires? -Heidi

- Can I Add A Solar Panel To My Existing Array?

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My commercial salmon troller has a 1600W inverter drawing from a single 8D lead-acid battery which is isolated from the two other 8Ds at night when on anchor and the engine is off. The engine has an 80A alternator and is usually running 16-18 hours per day. The biggest load we put on the inverter is a 900W standard coffee maker, which we only…

- My 900W Coffee Maker is Triggering the Low Voltage Alarm

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I recently purchased some LED fixtures that would like to wire them into an existing circuit, however they would be in series. Is this advisable with LED’s? -Tom

- Can I Run LED Lights in Series?

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