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What product(s) do you recommend to ensure a great electrical contact and make those connections corrosion free? I am looking at battery connections, light bulb bases (like the ones you will find in trailer lights) and wire crimps. I have come across dielectric grease, Lanocote, Noalox, Penetrox, anti-corrosive zinc paste and something with silver particles suspended in a kind of grease.

Contact Cleaner and Corrosion Inhibitor – Syd

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You suggested a 50 amp Promariner charger would be suitable for my boat. Please explain how the charger could potentially put out 50 amps with a 30 amp shore power hookup. Also, would a 2000w portable Honda generator be able to feed this charger adequately when at anchor? -Brent

- Promariner charger and Honda Generator

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We are very pleased with the Firefly Oasis AGM battery you installed for us. We can actually relax about our power consumption now. We should have made the changes much sooner! Regarding charging the AGM battery, is it harmful for the battery to be charged to inconsistent levels by the alternator? When on the boat for several days, the…

- Inconsistent Alternator Charging

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My boat came with two starting batteries and I want to switch to AGM, what should I look out for? I have two 24M-800(CCA) 1000 CA starting batteries that came with the boat when I purchased it new. I don't leave them in the boat over winter from early November to early March. They are stored on my work shop wood bench in a heated garage over…

- Switching to AGM Batteries

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