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Nereus Alarms Ltd is a UK brand and generally more expensive than North American brands. However, the sensors are waterproof and therefore do not require replacing as often. What do you think of these?

Which Propane Sensor to Buy? – Anthony

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We currently have a 440Ah lead/acid house battery bank and a lead/acid starting battery that I want to upgrade to a more maintenance free battery type. Can you provide an opinion regarding the advantages/disadvantages of lithium ion vs carbon foam batteries in the marine setting? Since I am looking long term and planning to keep the boat,…

- Lithium vs. Firefly Carbon Foam Batteries

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I have the Freedom 458 Remote Panel installed on my boat. As per your suggestion, I downloaded the manual for the Freedom 25 inverter/charger I purchased. Unfortunately the manual doesn’t show the new panel I received, it actually shows an image of the old one we replaced (page 29). If you read pages 29-35 it suggests the panel’s “dip switches”…

- How do I know what battery type my Xantrex Inverter/Charger is set to using the Freedom Remote?

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You suggested a 50 amp Promariner charger would be suitable for my boat. Please explain how the charger could potentially put out 50 amps with a 30 amp shore power hookup. Also, would a 2000w portable Honda generator be able to feed this charger adequately when at anchor? -Brent

- Promariner charger and Honda Generator

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