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Using an Automotive Circuit Tester? Remember This

An automotive circuit tester looks like a pointed screwdriver with a wire and battery clamp on the end. The idea is that you clamp the wire to the battery ground and use the sharp point of the screwdriver to pierce a wire to see if it has 12 volts, which causes the handle to light up.

Water-proof, Drop-proof Cameras: A Boater's Dream

The new camera segment that is really exciting is the small "water-proof," "drop-proof" point and shoot cameras. These pocketable cameras are designed to take a few bumps and scrapes and keep on shooting. This makes them great "take with you anywhere" cameras.

Music Solutions On Board

We all love listening to our favourite tunes when we're out on the water. Here are our favourite music systems for on board a boat: iPod connected through a Fusion radio, satellite radio systems, car stereo systems.

Cruising to your favourite tunes: Fusion Marine Stereo

Do you have your own personalized playlist? MP3 players have become very popular these days, and many boaters like to listen to their tunes while on the water. If you are one of those who covet your iPod and cringe at the thought of your playlists getting wet, a waterproof (IPx5 rating) iPod dock from Fusion Electronics may be what you are looking for.

Waterproofing your iPad: a boater's guide

To accompany our previous post on boat appropriate iPad mounts, we also researched numerous waterproof case options for the iPad. The options for waterproof cases range from giant Ziploc bags to super deluxe reinforced cases. Here are a few...

Waterproofing with duct tape: the cons

Duct tape has numerous uses, but in many cases there are better alternatives. In marine applications, duct tape is often used hastily to waterproof a mounting hole while work is being done. Unfortunately, this frequently leaves behind adhesive residue from the tape, or even worse, rips off the paint.

Page 1 of 1    Total Results: 6