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Improper Fusing: Common Reason for Fires on Boats

Preventing fires in general is very important, but it is even more important while on a boat. The reason for this is that unlike a house, a boat is hard to escape from if it is on fire. And it is important to note that boat fires are commonly caused by electrical issues!

Quick Tips To Ensure Your Boat's Batteries Are Healthy and Ready for the Summer

Summer is coming and the marinas are coming to life again. Many of our boats have sat through winter without being turned on, and some of you are finding that all is well, while some are finding that things aren't quite the way you left them. I want to talk about battery conditions and what should be checked and/or monitored all year round.

Ways to Take Care of Your Batteries

Taking care of your batteries is worth every minute you spend on them. After all, an upset battery can ruin a great day very quickly. There are a few things that should be considered when you are maintaining and caring for your batteries.

Cover Up!

From time to time we come across situations that scream danger! One of these situations is when we see AC outlets and AC Switchboards that haven't been covered up from behind, or the backing cover hasn't been put back on after being worked on. AC outlets with no backing cover are very dangerous for many reasons.

Little Mistakes, Big Problems

Sometimes the quality of a manufacturer's vessel is only as good as its workers. Let us look at some mistakes that must be corrected as soon as possible so that your boating experience is not disturbed by unnecessary problems.

Be careful where you work!

We recently went to check up on a recently installed radar that had stopped working and discovered the radar fuse had blown. After replacing it and turning the breaker back on, there was a pop - the replacement fuse had immediately blown as well. This means that either the positive and negative power wires were shorted together (touching) somewhere along the length, or there was a serious fault with the power inside the unit.

The trouble with battery mixing

We've heard (and seen) stories of battery shorts from improper fusing. A shorting battery will heat up, possibly explode, and the wires carrying the current will melt - a sure way to catch a boat on fire! A strange series of events can cause a battery to short when you'd least expect it: topping up your batteries when there is no fuse protection.

Page 1 of 1    Total Results: 7