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Navionics Releases an In-App Module for iPhone and iPad HD Apps

Do you already have the Navionics HD App for iPad and iPhone? It is amazing how useful it already is with all the features including vector charts, wind and tides, magazines and cruising guides, social media integration, the list goes on. But now the app has gotten even better - to upgrade you simply have to purchase the In-App Nav Module.

Using an Automotive Circuit Tester? Remember This

An automotive circuit tester looks like a pointed screwdriver with a wire and battery clamp on the end. The idea is that you clamp the wire to the battery ground and use the sharp point of the screwdriver to pierce a wire to see if it has 12 volts, which causes the handle to light up.

Multiple Downstream Fast-blow and Slow-blow Fuses

It is normally necessary to have multiple fuses or breakers downstream of each other. For example, you might have a main battery fuse, a main DC panel breaker, and individual breakers for each circuit on a panel. From one circuit you might have a couple of fuses downstream if you're feeding multiple devices off one breaker, like a chartplotter and GPS.

Chartplotter Updates: Making the Most of What You Have

Have you ever wondered what changes when your software is updated on your devices? Should you even bother doing updates? If you ask us, the answer is a resounding yes, but to see for yourself you can find out what changes have been made by checking out the change-log for your software.

User Generated Content and the Boating World

"Friend me"? Not quite, but the social media ideas made popular by sites like Facebook have gained a foothold in the boating world. Industry leaders in navigational charts, Navionics, are utilizing peer-to peer concepts with their UGC (User Generated Content) that focus on personalized chart modifications and changes that can be shared between boaters.

PYS Has A New Monthly Column In Pacific Yachting!

At Pacific Yacht Systems we're really excited about the new column we have in Pacific Yachting magazine. The column examines topics related to the changing world of technology and boating, and how electronics and electrical systems help to create a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

Simrad NSS

Simrad takes integration of "touch" technology into marine navigation one step further with their new NSS chartplotter / multifunction display. Boasting "extreme ease of use", the NSS delivers a multitude of functions and features to your fingertips with its simple and programmable menus and icons.

Garmin GPSMAP 700

The rugged and affordable Garmin GPSMAP 700 series chartplotter is the perfect do-it-all unit for vessels where space is at a premium. Navigation charts, GPS, sounder, weather, AIS info - it's all there!

Page 1 of 1    Total Results: 8