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Vexilar Portable Depth Sounder/Fishfinder with built-in WiFi

This is a very cool idea. It looks like a tennis ball but it is a portable WiFi fish finder. The Vexilar SonarPhone T-Pod Sonar/Transducer can be cast, thrown from shore or pulled behind your boat. The SP100 has a single beam, 30 degree wide-angle beam signal using a 125 kHz transmit frequency. It has a self-contained battery that turns off automatically to save power, is charged through a computer USB port or the included USB wall plug charging cube and lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge.

Furuno 1st Watch Wireless Radar DRS4W

The Furuno DRS4W is the first wireless radar that can connect to your iPhone or iPad from up to 10 meters away. The radar is very similar to the Furuno 4KW dome radar, with a 36 mile range but the DRS4W has a built-in WiFi module. You still have to run a power cord but no thick radar cable.

Boater's Picks for Favourite Apps on the iPad - Part 4: Connecting With Your Electronics

The great app ideas just keep coming! Thank you for your suggestions and recommendations. As a reminder from parts 1-3, I gathered a bunch of my boating friends and we talked apps. If an app was mentioned by three different boaters then it made the list. Many of these apps provide a free version; however, I have included the price for the full version.

Telus Smart Hub: A Smart Decision

Have you heard of the Smart Hub from Telus? If not, you should have! Here's what so amazing about it: 1) Wi-Fi propagates throughout the boat 2) Most devices have Wi-Fi 3) A phone for your boat

Set your sights on better WiFi with The Bullet

In today's connected world, many marinas understand the importance of providing WiFi internet access to their patrons. But with the size of some marinas and the range limitations of WiFi, when you are sitting in the cabin of your vessel hunched over your laptop, you may find your internet access lacking.

Navionics Plotter Sync App

Navionics has teamed up with Raymarine to bring you Plotter Sync. This user-friendly technology enables the wireless exchange of navigation displays with popular mobile devices running the Navionics app.

Page 1 of 1    Total Results: 6