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Navionics Releases an In-App Module for iPhone and iPad HD Apps

Do you already have the Navionics HD App for iPad and iPhone? It is amazing how useful it already is with all the features including vector charts, wind and tides, magazines and cruising guides, social media integration, the list goes on. But now the app has gotten even better - to upgrade you simply have to purchase the In-App Nav Module.

Boating Safety is a Priority!

It takes special people to help us stay safe so we can enjoy our time out on the water with fewer worries. This includes people who volunteer their time on organizations such as the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue organization, or even somebody who notices someone in trouble and lends a helping hand. The Canadian Boating Safety Council holds an annual event in January known as the Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBAs). These awards recognize the people, programs, organizations and marinas that help to make boating in Canada safer and better for all of us, and to keep the environment clean. This is your opportunity as a boater to nominate someone or an organization you know that has made an exceptional contribution to boating safety.

Tofino: Not Just Another Stop Along the Way

If you are one for adventure, and are on an excursion through the waters of the west coast of Vancouver Island, Tofino is one place you want to stop and stay for a few days. It is definitely worth planning your trip so that you don't just quick stop at Tofino to re-supply your boat, but take the time to enjoy all the different sights and activities this small town has to offer!

Local Summer Destinations: Steveston

Don't want to travel too much to have a relaxing time this summer, or feel like taking your yacht somewhere for a short day trip? Well, you don't have to look very far! Steveston Village is full of history, nice little shops filled with interesting artifacts and souvenirs, and a beautiful view from the docks. Although it's difficult to find a place to anchor your boat, since Steveston is a fishing harbour, you can always locate a marina in the Richmond area and then either drive or transit to Steveston within half an hour.

Summer Yachting Destinations: Conover Cove

A favourite marine park anchorage is Conover Cove on Wallace Island. The island is 72 hectares in size and is located in the Trincomali Channel between Galiano Island and the northern tip of Saltspring Island. The Island consists of the Marine Park with two anchorages (Conover Cove and Princess Bay) and two private residences.

PYS Has A New Monthly Column In Pacific Yachting!

At Pacific Yacht Systems we're really excited about the new column we have in Pacific Yachting magazine. The column examines topics related to the changing world of technology and boating, and how electronics and electrical systems help to create a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

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