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Garmin's Product Updates

We recently attended a Garmin training course and thought we would share some of the things we learned. Some we knew and some are new. For 2016, the Garmin GPSMAP 76XX series chartplotters will include the full Western Canada G2 charts. Up until now, only the USA...

Garmin Helm and Marine Wi-Fi Adapter Kit

In an earlier post, we looked at two very cool apps from Pocket Mariner, Boat Beacon and Boat Watch Pro. This time we would like to look at a new app from Garmin called Garmin Helm. This free app allows you to control a Garmin GPSMAP 8000 series with your iPhone or iPad when paired with the Garmin Marine Wi-Fi Adapter.

Garmin Glo Portable GPS and GLONASS Receiver

Recently we were looking at an AIS App developed by Pocket Mariner Inc. called Boat Beacon. This App provides AIS on any iProduct with iOS 6.1 or later and most Android smartphones and tablets. This led us to a product called Garmin Glo which enables GPS on iPod and WiFi only tablets via Bluetooth. The Garmin GLO Portable GPS and GLONASS Receiver locks on to satellites approximately 20% faster and remains connected even at high speeds.

Fuel Sensors: A How-to Guide

Installing a fuel sensor or fuel monitoring system on your boat is not just another project to be left on the back burner. There are many benefits to having one on board, not just for your boat, but also for the environment. So how exactly do fuel sensors work? What are the benefits of having one? And what should you keep in mind if installing one on your boat?

Chartplotter Updates: Making the Most of What You Have

Have you ever wondered what changes when your software is updated on your devices? Should you even bother doing updates? If you ask us, the answer is a resounding yes, but to see for yourself you can find out what changes have been made by checking out the change-log for your software.


CHIRP techniques have been used for a number of years in many commercial and military sonar systems because of its ability to facilitate longer transmissions (see deeper targets) and differentiate objects in close proximity to each other, adding texture and detail never before imagined with conventional sonar systems.

Garmin GPSMAP 700

The rugged and affordable Garmin GPSMAP 700 series chartplotter is the perfect do-it-all unit for vessels where space is at a premium. Navigation charts, GPS, sounder, weather, AIS info - it's all there!

PYS now a Garmin Marine Service Center!

Pacific Yacht Systems is proud to be Canada's first and only Garmin Marine Service Center. Canadian Garmin customers can now enjoy Garmin's great service with shorter waiting periods and no border hassles.

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