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Boating Safety is a Priority!

It takes special people to help us stay safe so we can enjoy our time out on the water with fewer worries. This includes people who volunteer their time on organizations such as the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue organization, or even somebody who notices someone in trouble and lends a helping hand. The Canadian Boating Safety Council holds an annual event in January known as the Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBAs). These awards recognize the people, programs, organizations and marinas that help to make boating in Canada safer and better for all of us, and to keep the environment clean. This is your opportunity as a boater to nominate someone or an organization you know that has made an exceptional contribution to boating safety.

Fuel Sensors: A How-to Guide

Installing a fuel sensor or fuel monitoring system on your boat is not just another project to be left on the back burner. There are many benefits to having one on board, not just for your boat, but also for the environment. So how exactly do fuel sensors work? What are the benefits of having one? And what should you keep in mind if installing one on your boat?

How To Do A Proper Crimp

As a boat owner, there are many small but valuable DIY projects you can learn to do on the fly. By learning these skills, you can save time and money, and of course have the satisfaction of keeping your boat's electrical systems healthy in the long run. One of these skills is learning how to complete a proper crimp - this can help avoid many problems with your electrical circuits. It is important to ensure that crimps are done right the first time.

How Simple DIY Battery Connection Checks Can Help Your Boat

Are your battery connections the best they can be? Here are some simple do-it-yourself checks that you can perform to help maintain the connections to the heart of your boat. These are simple checks and tasks that take no more than 10 minutes and will lead to peace of mind when you are at sea.

Chartplotter Updates: Making the Most of What You Have

Have you ever wondered what changes when your software is updated on your devices? Should you even bother doing updates? If you ask us, the answer is a resounding yes, but to see for yourself you can find out what changes have been made by checking out the change-log for your software.

Make Your Own Fitted and Weighted Custom Table Cover With No Hemming!

Every time there is any sort of breeze, do you find that your table cloth either ends up in the water or the table weights end up on the floor. Here is a really easy way to make a fitted table cloth, and you don't need to be skilled at sewing to make it happen!

Page 1 of 1    Total Results: 6