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Furuno 1st Watch Wireless Radar DRS4W

The Furuno DRS4W is the first wireless radar that can connect to your iPhone or iPad from up to 10 meters away. The radar is very similar to the Furuno 4KW dome radar, with a 36 mile range but the DRS4W has a built-in WiFi module. You still have to run a power cord but no thick radar cable.

Three Good Reasons To Get An MMSI Number For Your Vessel

What is an MMSI number and why should I have one for my boat? If you purchased a VHF radio in the past couple of years, it is probably equipped with DSC (Digital Selective Calling). In order to use this function, you must have an MMSI or Maritime Mobile Service Identity number. This nine digit number, assigned free of charge by Industry Canada, identifies your vessel and allows you to send a distress alert to Coast Guard or communicate with other vessels.

Be careful where you work!

We recently went to check up on a recently installed radar that had stopped working and discovered the radar fuse had blown. After replacing it and turning the breaker back on, there was a pop - the replacement fuse had immediately blown as well. This means that either the positive and negative power wires were shorted together (touching) somewhere along the length, or there was a serious fault with the power inside the unit.

Ocean Crossing Equipment: added safety for long-distance trips

Anyone considering a long-distance trip, be it offshore or to remote areas, should certainly be thinking carefully about safety. While the costs of high quality equipment can be intimidating, the following devices can help keep you out of danger.

Simrad NSS

Simrad takes integration of "touch" technology into marine navigation one step further with their new NSS chartplotter / multifunction display. Boasting "extreme ease of use", the NSS delivers a multitude of functions and features to your fingertips with its simple and programmable menus and icons.


CHIRP techniques have been used for a number of years in many commercial and military sonar systems because of its ability to facilitate longer transmissions (see deeper targets) and differentiate objects in close proximity to each other, adding texture and detail never before imagined with conventional sonar systems.

Broadband Radar

Broadband radar is making waves. Hailed as "the most revolutionary new radar system since the invention of radar itself," broadband radar is making waves in the marine world. Unlike conventional pulse radar, which does not show close-range detail and tends to merge multiple targets into single groups, broadband radar delivers clutter-free detail from mid-range to extremely close-in targets.

Radar Antenna Placement

The subject of antenna placement can be complex, but today we are just going to talk about radar antennas, which come in two major kinds: open array and radome (or closed array). Aside from performance differences, both kinds function much the same with regard to placement.

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