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We Are Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary - A Message from Jeff Cote

It’s hard to believe it has been a decade since we opened our doors. PYS has come a long way from one employee, one truck and a shared office over Skyline Marina. I started this company because, at the heart of it all, I am a boater.

VHF Antennas vs. VHF-AIS Antennas

I recently added a Transmitting AIS antenna to an existing (working) 8 foot Shakespeare VHF antenna with alarming results. It was giving me high VSWR alarms (3.5:1) despite it testing good (1.5:1) on the VHF.

Boater’s Test – Cell Phone Booster

Quite often we boat up at the end of Indian Arm, behind Croker Island and across from Granite Falls. The cell reception is spotty at best and it really depends on where you are standing on the dock or where you are in your dinghy out in the bay. There are a number of cellular to WiFi modem solutions, such as the Rogers Rocket Hub or the Telus Smart Hub, but I didn’t want to sign up to a monthly service. I also didn’t want to spend a lot on the initial hardware purchase or have something hard-wired to the boat.

Garmin Helm and Marine Wi-Fi Adapter Kit

In an earlier post, we looked at two very cool apps from Pocket Mariner, Boat Beacon and Boat Watch Pro. This time we would like to look at a new app from Garmin called Garmin Helm. This free app allows you to control a Garmin GPSMAP 8000 series with your iPhone or iPad when paired with the Garmin Marine Wi-Fi Adapter.

Boat Watch Pro and Boat Beacon

Today I am going to look at two very cool Apps. If you don’t have your AIS up and running or perhaps, you don’t have AIS on board, there is a new app that allows you to point your iPhone camera at a boat and...

Getting the Most of Your VHF DSC Radios

Around Yacht Clubs and Marinas the sharing of MMSI numbers is becoming more common and very useful for regattas and flotillas. With clubs, the number of MMSI numbers logged, groups can be quickly developed for events.

9/11: How the Boating Community Came Together To Help

On this day, our condolences go out to those who lost loved ones, friends or family members in the tragic events of 9/11. While many people sacrificed their lives to save others on the land, many also took the responsibility of doing what they could to help those who were trapped in Lower Manhattan. Hundreds of boats came together to pull off the largest boat evacuation in history.

Tsunami Debris on the B.C. Coast

Last year's tsunami in Japan seems like a long time ago but its effects are sadly still being felt today. While we do not have to go through the hardships that the survivors of the tsunami are going through overseas, B.C. and Pacific coast residents are dealing with the recent issue of debris from the tsunami washing up on our beaches.

Telus Smart Hub: A Smart Decision

Have you heard of the Smart Hub from Telus? If not, you should have! Here's what so amazing about it: 1) Wi-Fi propagates throughout the boat 2) Most devices have Wi-Fi 3) A phone for your boat

Waterproofing your iPad: a boater's guide

To accompany our previous post on boat appropriate iPad mounts, we also researched numerous waterproof case options for the iPad. The options for waterproof cases range from giant Ziploc bags to super deluxe reinforced cases. Here are a few...

Page 1 of 2    Total Results: 11