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Looking for Visitor Moorage? There’s an App for that.

April is always a good time to start planning your summer boating and there is a new app that makes booking visitor moorage easier than ever. Swift Harbour, from Yachting’s Best Media, allows you to save your boat information in the app so as soon as you choose a marina, you receive the price based on your boat length and time of year............

Garmin Acquires Navionics

It was announced this week that Garmin has acquired Navionics, a privately-held worldwide provider of electronic navigational charts and mobile applications for the marine industry.

Garmin Acquires Fusion Electronics

In our previous two Marine Electronics roundups we have been discussing the importance of integrating technology and platforms for marine products. These partnerships help further accelerate advancements in technology by improving connectivity, creation of turnkey devices, and even lower prices. In recent news, Garmin completed their acquisition of Fusion Electronics, a supplier of marine and car audio electronics, and has been rebranded as Fusion Entertainment.

Waterproofing your iPad: a boater's guide

To accompany our previous post on boat appropriate iPad mounts, we also researched numerous waterproof case options for the iPad. The options for waterproof cases range from giant Ziploc bags to super deluxe reinforced cases. Here are a few...

Boat appropriate iPad mounts

I started my career as a boater with paper charts. I was a bit slow to hop on the digital band wagon but eventually loaded some navigation software on my laptop and connected it via a serial port to my rather elderly GPS. It was expensive and spectacular. Jump ahead a few years and I have just purchased an iPad and the new Navionics app! This is a game changer. I could go on and on about this app but I am going to focus on the accessories I have found, namely the RAM iPad Mounts.

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