Garmin Glo Portable GPS and GLONASS Receiver

Recently we were looking at an AIS App developed by Pocket Mariner Inc. called Boat Beacon.  This App provides AIS on any iProduct with iOS 6.1 or later and most Android smartphones and tablets.  This led us to a product called Garmin Glo which enables GPS on iPod and WiFi only tablets via Bluetooth.  The Garmin GLO Portable GPS and GLONASS Receiver locks on to satellites approximately 20% faster and remains connected even at high speeds.  GLO receives position information from both the GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations, allowing it to connect up to 24 additional satellites than devices that rely on GPS alone.  It offers up to 12 hours battery life and a position update up to 10 times per second.

The Garmin Glo is similar in price and performance to the Bad Elf Pro GPS AND Dual XGPS150 Bluetooth GPS.  So which one do you buy?  The Bad Elf offers features such as an LCD display and can connect up to 5 devices but if you are just looking for an external GPS, it really comes down to personal preference – do you want to plug the GPS directly to your tablet or do you want to put the GPS out of the way and connect wirelessly?  As well, if the GPS is connected directly to the tablet, it uses the tablet battery.  The wireless GPS uses its own battery but you have to remember to charge it.

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