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What is a Charge Controller and the Importance of Having One

A charge controller, charge regulator or battery regulator is a device that limits the rate at which current is added to a battery as the level of charge increases. Its main function is to prevent overcharging and it may reduce overvoltage that decreases the lifespan of the battery significantly.

 The simple answer to “should I get one?” is a definite yes! A device that monitors, maintains and improves battery life is an invaluable tool. Multistep regulators will adjust the rate of charge being directed to the battery based on both factory presets or manual overrides that give the user more options. Multistep regulators have in general four programs: a bulk charge, an absorption charge, a float charge and an equalization charge.

 Products that have a charge controller are smart chargers and alternator regulators. These devices provide the battery the right state of charge at any point of discharge. Not only does a charge controller provide longer battery life, it practically reduces your charge time by half when compared to pheroresistant chargers or internal regulators.

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