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Small Device, Great Benefits

The Greatland Laser RLL012-01 Rescue  Light is a hand-held day and night laser signaling device. Unlike pyrotechnic flares, it is non-flammable, environmentally safe and can operate for 40 hours on a single, long-life, replaceable lithium battery. The Rescue Laser produces a fan of light so you do not have to flash your target near the eye for them to see you, unlike regular laser pointers which can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

This can be highly useful in a number of. Locating a person overboard who has this device is much easier, and the great thing is that it is waterproof to 80 feet. It is also useful in locating mooring buoys and fishing gear. Search and rescue missions can be more efficient because the RLL012-01 allows for better signalling of other boats and aircraft.

This device has already proven to be useful in many marine-related situations. A vessel was stranded in the water 18 miles out of Seward, Alaska in foggy, late evening conditions. Using the RLL012-01, the owner signaled an approaching vessel by waving the laser light twice. He says it saved him from having to spend the night out on the ocean! Search and rescue coordinators also talk about how versatile the Rescue Laser is because of its daylight and dark-of-night settings and its usefulness despite fog and rainy weather. To view some testimonials, you can visit this page.

Safety is a priority when it comes to boating and having a small device such as the RLL012-01 can make a big difference. Check out the Rescue Laser Light page for more information. If you know of a product that can help increase boater safety, please let us know and we would be glad to write about it!

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