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Tofino: Not Just Another Stop Along the Way

If you are one for adventure, and are on an excursion through the waters of the west coast of Vancouver Island, Tofino is one place you want to stop and stay for a few days. It is definitely worth planning your trip so that you don't just quick stop at Tofino to re-supply your boat, but take the time to enjoy all the different sights and activities this small town has to offer!

The Weigh West Marine Resort offers full marina services. It is located in the calm waters of Browning Passage, and is nicely sheltered from the wind and surf of the open Pacific Ocean. With access to the channels and inlets of Clayoquot Sound, it is the perfect location to go fishing or explore the many miles of untouched shoreline in the area. Of course, since Tofino is famous for its whale watching tours, you will probably see whales as you explore the area.

Have you heard that Tofino is also known as Tough City? Ever wondered how it got this name? Back in the day, when Tofino was known for its fishing and logging industries, times were tough and the people were rough, and this led to the town being given the name "Tough City". With the focus more on tourism nowadays, this is no longer the case. But the name has stuck, so don't be surprised if you see it on signs around town.

Now that you have decided to spend a few days in Tofino, what is there to do in this small town? Well, there is no shortage of options! You can spend an afternoon golfing at the Long Beach Golf Course, or spend many hours exploring the Tofino Botanical Gardens. Tofino also has many hiking trails in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. While  exploring these trails, you can enjoy activities such as bird-watching, since the area is rich with wildlife. As for food, definitely check out restaurants such as SoBo to experience what they call "Tofino food", and Chocolate Tofino, the town's own gourmet chocolatier.

And of course, who can forget the white, sandy Tofino beaches? Long Beach is known for its water activities and scenic views. Walks along the beach are a must, and if you've never tried ocean kayaking or longboard surfing, Tofino is the ideal place to do so; you could even take some lessons while you have the chance. There are so many more activities, so be sure to check out the official Tofino website for more information. After you have spent a few days in Tofino, and enjoyed everything it has to offer, you'll definitely want to come back for more.

Do you know of places on Vancouver Island that other boaters or we would enjoy going to, but may not know about? We encourage you to post a comment and let us know!

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