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Trip to the Rendezvous

Last week, the 16th Annual Bayliner and Meridian Rendezvous was held at Roche Harbour, an outstanding marina on San Juan Island, Washington. Despite being a small location with only one pub, two restaurants, and a general store in the area, this event really livened up the place. And paying only $55 for this was definitely worth it; there was lots of great food, many boaters in attendance to take it all in, and overall an exciting event!

This year, there were 105 Bayliners and Meridians in attendance at the Rendezvous, attracting close to 300 guests at the event. This event is held every year around this time, and it's a perfect reason to take some time off work and head down south to check it out. This year, the theme was the "The Big Apple", and you might wonder: how does this relate to boating? Well, a lot of the food was New York Style food - hot dogs, pizza, and much more - and many of the boats were even decorated like taxi cabs to show their NYC spirit! ? Thankfully, the weather held up quite well and was sunny a lot of the time. The waters were also quite calm, with a dead flat crossing on both Thursday and Sunday. There was a dog show on one of the days, which is always quite entertaining for the crowd. The event was capped off with a fun night of Italian dining, a live band, and dancing on Saturday.

As always, the Lake Union Sea Ray did a great job at organizing this whole thing, and it really was a good time for everyone who was there. It was great seeing all the turnout of Canadians, it's good to see us being represented so well. Looking forward to attending next year!

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