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Keeping Clear

We all know storage space on boats is hard to find and easy to fill. When storing gear on boats we need to think about the items we are covering up. I'm talking about storing parts and items in front of components that need to be readily accessible i.e. switchboards and battery isolators etc. These are components of the electrical system that should be easily accessible to operate if required, without having to spend a few minutes removing gear from in front of them.

From time to time things do go wrong with electrical components and that component that's failing needs to be isolated quickly. The longer it takes to switch the breaker off or isolate the whole boat, the more damage the failing component can cause. 99% of the time the circuit breaker or fuse will do the job for us but it only takes Murphy's Law one go to turn things around and cause problems. Keeping items away from doors of switchboards and isolation switches will help reduce the chances of unwanted damage to your components and boat.

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