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The SmartPlug Lives up to its Name

After 70 years of outdated technology, SmartPlug Systems has designed a revolutionary invention in the marine world. This shore power connector far surpasses the previous ones from 1938, in both safety and design. The SmartPlug is a solution to the number one cause of shore power failures and fires: overheating due to a poor electrical connection. The traditional "twist and lock" plugs create a loose connection because the connector body does not fit tightly into the inlet, which results in movement and tension on the pins. The curved shape of the pins makes for a minimal contact area, and strain on the cord can further result in bent pins and a weak connection.

A gap between connector body and inlet is dangerous because it lets water in, corroding the pins and causing electrical arcing, which can lead to fires. If your plugs are blackened like in the photo, you should definitely consider switching to the SmartPlug. The SmartPlug's design solves the problem of loose connections and overheating. Its multi-point locking system and sleeve design shape means that the connector body fits tightly into the inlet, removing any tension on the pins and ensuring that you have a solid connection. Instead of curved pins, the SmartPlug's straight pins cover 20x more surface area. What's more, the connector body's unique and identifiable shape makes it easy to fit the plug into the inlet in low light or hard-to-reach places. The SmartPlug comes with an internal thermostat that immediately cuts power at the first sign of overheating. It also eliminates water corrosion through three weatherproof seals.

To install, simply remove your old shore power inlet, connect the wiring to the SmartPlug inlet, and reinstall using the same screw hole footprint. On the plug end, cut off your old plug end and attach wires to the new SmartPlug. SmartPlug Systems' 30 Amp Inlet and Connector recently passed all required testing for product safety certification by Intertek Testing Services and are now listed as ETL certified products. The ETL Listed Mark is proof of compliance with US & Canadian safety standards. SmartPlug's 30 Amp shore power kit retails for $225 CDN, but retailers may sell for less. To read more or watch a SmartPlug video, visit their website at .

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