Boater's Picks for Favourite Apps on the iPad - Part 2: Anchoring and First Aid

I am back with more of our favourite apps.  As a reminder from Part 1, I gathered a bunch of my boating friends and we talked apps.  If an app was mentioned by three different boaters then it made the list. Many of these apps provide a free version; however, I have included the price for the full version. Now let's talk about anchoring. Just remember that with these apps the GPS and CPU will both continue to be active. It is recommended that if you run these apps for an extended period that you plug into a charger or computer so that your iPad's battery will not drain.

Anchor Alarm ($7.99) by ChrisParsons is an easy to used app that lets you set and monitor your position relative to an anchor point. If your current position changes such that you are farther away from the anchor point than the distance you set in preferences, Anchor Alarm will sound an alarm.  The app includes a setting that will keep your iPad awake so that the GPS will continue to have good position data.  It also features a dark colored user interface so that if it wakes you up in the middle of the night, it won't ruin your night vision.

Boat Monitor Remote ($4.99) by Boat Monitor allows you to track your boat's position from anywhere when you leave it anchored or at the dock! You can also view your boat's anchor position and swing radius on a satellite map of the moorage and you can receive alerts if your boat drifts outside the safe zone.  The company allows you to try before you buy at

There are also a number of valuable first aid apps!

Ship Captain's Medical Guide ($4.99) by Double Dog Studios provides over 1,100 pages of content and provides survival medical tactics for almost any situation.  The content was developed by the UK's Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Pocket First Aid & CPR ($3.99) is from the American Heart Association and includes illustrations and videos. ResQr First Aid & CPR Coach ($3.99) by Think Safe provides real-time step-by-step emergency first aid instructions that will allow you to be the rescuer in any situation.


There are also a couple of goods ones for your pets such as Pet First Aid For your Dog, Cat, Puppy or Kitten ($3.99) by Jive Media LLC . Look for part 3 in November!

- Melissa, Office Administrator at PYS

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