Make Your Own Fitted and Weighted Custom Table Cover With No Hemming!

Every time there is any sort of breeze, do you find that your table cloth either ends up in the water or the table weights end up on the floor. Here is a really easy way to make a fitted table cloth, and you don't need to be skilled at sewing to make it happen!

Instead of regular fabric, use a Martha Stewart 100% polyester shower curtain for this project as they are relatively water repellant, they don't stain easily, they come complete with weights on the bottom hem, and the shade of blue is perfect. Use a piece of newspaper to trace the shape of the table and then add a seam allowance of ΒΌ" (6.35 mm) and cut out the piece for the top of the table. Then, cut the bottom off the shower curtain with the weights and finished hem (bonus, you don't have to hem) so that the piece was 4" (10cm) wide with the weights running along the bottom of the strip for the sides or skirt of the table.

You can make this strip longer if you like. Then, attach the table top piece to the table skirt piece, right sides together, and stitched it all the way around. Lastly, close up the seam on the end and then finished it off with a zig-zag stitch to stop the fabric from fraying in the wash. You can use it for many years and don't need to wash it too often. The shower curtain fabric doesn't fade and it still looks great even after a lot of spills!

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