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From the helm: PYS sail and learn trip


The trip started in Pender Harbour on a mild, pleasant morning. All PYS technicians were invited to participate in a highly anticipated "sail and learn" trip. Jeff was preparing the boat as we all arrived on the dock. I could feel the excitement in the air as the engine roared for the first time. Unfortunately, the wind was light that morning so we were not able to set sail. However, our luck turned and the wind picked up as we were cruising down the Georgia Straight. We spotted a couple of orcas just 10 feet from the shore of Texada Island, swimming almost at a crawling speed with their impressive 3 foot long dorsal fins. Next we found a spot to anchor for lunch as we passed behind Jedediah Island. The banks were busy as it was one of the few sunny weekends this summer. After lunch we went in the dinghy to explore the shore as the sun began to disappear behind Jervis Island, filling the sky with beautiful reds and purples.


The next morning some of us decided to wake up by jumping into the fresh Pacific waters, while others enjoyed their coffees on the deck. The weather was perfect for a hike. It wasn't long till we were on shore, following the trail towards the summit of the island. We stumbled upon a herd of sheep as we were hiking through the dry forests.






At the top, the view was exhilarating. The scenery was of unparalleled beauty, complete with eagles soaring the skies. Back on the boat, it was time to cool off in the water after a long and hot walk. On our way back to Vancouver, the wind cooperated and we sailed home. It was a wonderful weekend out on the ocean, both educational and exhilarating.

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