From the helm: Ruxton Island and Pirates Cove

I recently made it back to Nanaimo to visit family and friends, and was lucky enough to spend some quality time out on the water! Instead of heading out on the Catalina 30, I was invited by a friend to go for a cruise on her family's 1974 Trojan tri cabin. 

The boat is moored at Ladysmith Marina, so it was a quick trip to the south end of Ruxton Island where there's a rock that resembles a giant seashell. We rowed over and roamed around on the rocks for a while.

It was a clear, beautiful day so we headed out to Pirates Cove at De Courcy Island to anchor and do some swimming. The water was definitely a bit brisk, but it felt amazing after being out in the sun for hours. There were lots of other boaters in the area, but not so many that it was crowded. The atmosphere was great. I have always been a big fan of Pirates Cove. Ashore, there are campsites, picnic tables, and numerous walking trails. Furthermore, there is no mooring fee in Pirates Cove, which only adds to its appeal. 

 Last but not least, Pirates Cove is a great place to view wildlife! What do you like or dislike about Pirates Cove and Ruxton Island?

- Michelle, a PYS team member

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